It may just be survival

via Daily Prompt: Bitter 

ice cream

I thought of “Fruit Ninja”.  Swipe your finger across the screen and slice a bunch of fruit in half. If you clear a screen, a fruit fact popped up. “Lemons have more sugar than strawberries”.  Wow!  The universes expands.

Then I remembered Survival School in the Army.  Master Sergeant Squire telling a half starved class of us that, if it’s sweet, it’s probably safe to eat.  There are a bunch of other tricks to find food that wont kill you.  He told us to act like babies.  Babies like sweet foods because they are usually safe to eat.  When you’re starving, you will choke down just about anything, so act like a baby.

When we get older, out pallets expand.  I enjoy a sharp IPA.  Scotch, old, smokey and the color of strong tea is a special favorite of mine.  Savories and spicy hot foods make me happy.  I even eat Brussels Sprouts.  Mom would be proud.

For now, what say we work on our survival skills and go get some ice cream.  My treat.

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