A Child of the World

via Daily Prompt: Passport 

bad passport.png

Travel gives perspective.  I don’t mean the all inclusive trip to Cancun or Cruise to the Bahamas in a floating hotel kind of travel.  Those are fun and a nice, comfortable way to see the world. Maybe somewhere in between backpacking across Europe for your Senior Summer and moving to another country.  I call it adventure traveling.  You get on  plane with a language phrase book, a map and couple of spots that look interesting in mind.

This floating ball of mud is full of wonder.  There are sights that will fill your soul everywhere, if you bother to look.  The next life changing event probably doesn’t include fruity drinks with little umbrellas on a beach.  If you want to change your life, travel to Central America, with a suitcase full of sandals and coloring books.  Take a train to no where.  Stop early in the afternoon and go to the local store to buy some sweets.  Maybe a soccer ball.  When you walk through the village, start passing out your goodies.

For the rest of you life you will take that trip in your head again.  Touched by the poverty that couldn’t stop the smiles.  Laughing with children who don’t speak you language as you kick a ball down a dirt street.  You will remember the taste of the stew from the community kitchen better than the finest meal.  That little book in your back pocket isn’t really your passport.  It’s your birth certificate.

Potions of Life

via Daily Prompt: Elixir                                                 

bar                               coffee

Many would think that with an Irish surname, I would think of alcohol as the Elixir of Life.  It’s more like the Elixir of Like, enough can even transform into the Elixir of Love.  Check out any bar around closing time.  Alcohol is truly transformational in it’s powers.  It is the elixir of bad dancing at weddings and poor decisions on many occasions, often leading to weddings.

There is only one true Elixir of Life, one potion that restores vitality.  We faithful pause daily to receive its blessings, the distilled essence of joy.  The devout show proper respect by preparing and consuming in unadulterated forms.  Other sect have grown up, arguing that it is better to spread the word by any means.  Temples sprout like fast food franchises around the world.  Pause in your day to be thankful for Coffee, The True Elixir of Life.

Not “My color”

via Daily Prompt: Purple


If you look in my closet, it’s mostly dark colors.  There are lots of blacks, browns, greens and for variation shades of gray.  I get wild and wear blue some days.  I guess earth tone is an accurate description.  Funny thing is, I wear purple a lot.

I tend to favor the paisley and bull’s eye patterns.  They can stand out really well if you accent them with yellow and green.  It’s eye catching in an otherwise bland wardrobe.  The trick is to wear it as a highlight.  Too much and it takes away from the overall effect and throw people off.  It looks a little creepy.  Makes others uncomfortable.

It’s also neat if you have a good story to explain why you’re wearing the splash of color.  “I walked into a door.” is boring and lacks (excuse me), punch.  Instead, try, “I got caught between a Pilates class and a troop selling Girl Scout cookies”.  And, finally shake it off with a manly laugh.  Next week we will talk about “The Art of Scars”.  Until then, Man Up!

Insanity defined

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

“Insanity; doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein


Are we trying to empty the ocean with a tea cup?  Where do we empty it to?  Do we create a new ocean or empty the first?  Is the effort only to make us feel as if we are accomplishing something?  We create laws for our societies and expect them to change hearts and minds.  We try to be fair to others and treat them as we do our own.  Give.  Protect.  Shelter.  Feed.  Accept.

Why are we still surprised when nothing changes?  Why do we feel betrayed when our efforts aren’t appreciated or worse actively rejected with violence and betrayal.  Why do we continue to make the same gestures over and over?  They are nothing but empty and void before they accomplish anything.

What are we going to do with all the fish?

Ordinary? No such thing

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary


I’m a biker.  Two wheels, a motor, usually loud pipes and a rock and roll IPOD.  It helps me keep perspective on life.  You see mine is out of control in almost every way.  No nine to five job, no “Leave it to Beaver” home and family, crazy women abound and crazier friends.  But, nothing ordinary.

Ordinary would mean that I’ve become accustomed to the extraordinary.  The beautiful and amazing can no longer grasp my attention.  The small pleasures in life aren’t as pleasing.  Ask a resident of Flint, Michigan how ordinary a clean glass of water is.  Ask the homeless how ordinary it is to sleep in a warm safe place.

Nope.  Ordinary is as rare as common sense, which makes it extraordinary. Like vanilla ice cream.  If you take the time to think about it, it’s not ordinary.

Like Gold

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

It seems precious, beautiful, desirable. But, what is it good for?  Does it enhance our lives?  What intrinsic value does it posses?  It’s rare but relatively useless for serious work.  It’s an adornment, a sparkly bauble.

To a social animal, acceptance is a little more important in the long run.  A strong person doesn’t need acceptance of others, but if they want to continue, to pass on their DNA to the next generation, there needs to be a little acceptance.  It can be lonely living on the outside, striving only for yourself.  Many hands make light work, comfort, security.

Yeah, maybe acceptance is like gold, a useless, soft, pretty thing.  But, people still want it and value it for more than it’s utility.  It adds value to our lives.

I’m Retro


With all the labels going around today, I thought I’d get ahead of the game and select my own.  The ones being thrown at me are not only wrong, but pretty stupid.  Socialists calling me a Nazi, hate groups calling me racist because I don’t support their cause and pretty much anyone that calls me narrow minded because I disagree with them.  They try to define me.  Seriously, how can an opinion be wrong?  Like most people, I don’t fit into your nice, neat, narrow categories.

I deny the collective, Orwellian Truth Speak.  I deny responsibility for anyone or everyone’s happiness.  I can’t even make myself happy most days, it’s insane to expect me to appease anyone else.  I don’t accept responsibility for other peoples children.  They’re not mine, I didn’t make them and don’t want them.  No, I am not worried about the parents responsibilities in caring for their progeny.  Hazing is not a criminal act, it is a right of passage, a memorable step in someones life.  No, hazing should not be taken to the point on injury or death and when it does, the culprits should be punished.

The right to choose anything private is just that, PRIVATE!  Abortion is only a sin if it goes against your religion and then only for you.  No one else has a right to demand control over so private a choice.  Who you have sex with, marry, want to change into is up to you.  If a gay couple decides to marry and adopt a child from a young woman who knows she can’t provide for the baby, is it really my concern?  Does anyone really think that a couple who struggled so hard to determine who they are is going to force a life choice on a child?

I apologize for the rant. Stupid pisses me off.

Before I joined the Army, the only positive role model I had was my great grandfather.  He lived his beliefs.  He was also a product of his times.  Turn of the century America was still racially biased, women were supposed to be subservient to the men in their lives. (Of course, try to tell Ol’ Mam’mie that and she’d whip your butt.)  He worked for everything he ever had.  Refused to take or ask for hand-outs.  Grandpa would go hungry to make sure everyone else ate.  He also didn’t approve of everyone, their opinions, new trends, or politicians. The last was probably hardest for him. He also treated every person he met with respect, regardless of their wealth, station, race or political opinion.

So, I’m going with retro.  An updated version of Grandpa.  I wasn’t raised to treat people different because of race, religion, education, or social standing.  Everyone starts with respect.  It’s up to you to lose it.  I will continue to judge people by what they do.  I will meet my obligations as I see them, not those assigned to me by others.  I don’t care about your religion, sexual preference, marital status, or race.  The Constitution and laws of the nation don’t promise equality, just equal opportunity.

I’m going to skip the Members Only jacket.  Leathers and motorcycles iare more my style.