Thoughts in Passing: The 4 Laws

via Daily Prompt: Temporary 


I have decided everything is just temporary.  The universal state of entropy ensures us that exists is also fading away.  What we call solid matter is simply an energy state that our senses can detect a specified way, in out current energy state.  Everything living is also dying.  Civilization grows like blowflies in a mason jar, only to collapse in our own waste.

That’s what is happening to our society today.  For years we have help up this idea of raising everyone to an equal status.  Not through expending their own energy, but by stealing (or taxing) others.  This is the increase in entropy in society today.  These misguided ideas are bleeding off energy from healthy, thriving groups and transferring it to other areas.  The energy is not some mystical excess, but natural and essential to the well being of the donor group.  It shortens both group lifespans.

I am trying to understand society and economy.  The farther I reduce the models, the closer I come to imagining them as the 4 laws of physics.  Zeroth Law says that if A and B balance with C, that A and B are also in balance.  No energy needs to be transferred.  First law says energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed.  Moving energy from one point to another doesn’t create energy, only bleeds off some potential in movement.  Second law, entropy either stays the same or grows.  No matter what we do the decay of the past exists.  There is no “Year Zero”.  No reset to zero.  The Third law says entropy approaches Nil when temperature approaches zero.  Stop moving, stop growing and decay stops.  Still doesn’t go away.

My model is nice and clean.  No muss, no fuss.  No people, either.  Anyway, it’s all temporary.  Wait a while and it will change.

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