Come the time, comes the man.

via Daily Prompt: Timely 


The tired theme echoes in stories and movies; In our darkest hour, a hero arose…

The arrival of a hero isn’t a timely event of the moment, it’s an event of the movement.  We look at the cycle of events and discover that someone stepped up and did something, took charge of the chaos and made a difference.

Just to keep things in perspective, sometimes the person generally acclaimed as a hero, is in fact planting more chaos and destruction.  Not in the immediate events.  The succor and support are meaningful, if short sighted.  The understanding of the act comes after, in the delayed recovery and developing dependency of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  The crippling of national economies with international support, only recognized by the collapse when it is cut off.

The hero doesn’t define the moment, the moment defines the man.

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