A Soverign King

Self-Determination and Public Acclaim


** I had to stop writing during the campaign.  All I could do was rant and vent.  That’s no good, so I took a break.  This is one of the pieces I started before the nonsense. **

I have, this day, by my own might and God given authority, declared myself King Robert the First.  I am all things just and wise, provider to my subjects, guardian and lord protector.  My boundaries are clearly marked by a river of flowing black rock, a mighty escarpment of linked steel, and not so harrowing ravine.  I admit that my kingdom is found within the borders of another nation, state, county and city.  So what?  I identify myself a Sovereign King!  If you refuse to acknowledge me as I identify, you will suffer my wrath and a slew of law suits.

The media fueled gender bender, you must identify me as I see myself crap is as ridiculous as me declaring myself king.

How we choose to live our lives is a personal decision.  Forcing others to accept those decisions crosses a line from self-determination to domination.  The same goes for the Trans-gender bathroom debate.  Despite the media definition, gender is a determination of outward genetic expression.  “Yes, Honey.  Boys and girls have different parts because that’s the way God/nature/the universe wants it to be.”  That expression does not change simply because you think God made a mistake.

Since our language has not caught up to the current transition state of our genders, maybe we can find a compromise title or simply omit titles in any case where confusion exists.  I’m sure this will offend part of the 0.3 percent of the population that struggle with this everyday.  It also offends part of the 99.7 percent that are being attacked for not being sensitive enough to their changing gender identities.  If you are honest enough to admit it, sometimes it’s hard to tell which way the gender arrow is pointing.

I think Dr. Seuss was trying to tell us something with the Star Bellied Sneetches.   We just get so wrapped up with other people accepting us, the way we want to be seen that we forget it doesn’t matter.  If you strong enough to decide for yourself that you are supposed to be someone or something else; why the hell do you need anyone else to approve?

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