The “Not Enough” Racist


There is a flurry of comment and vitriol after the Super Bowl 50 half time show.   I didn’t watch it. I don’t care for Beyonce, Coldplay or Bruno Mars.  So when my coworkers and I discussed the game, I was asked about the halftime show and it “message”.  I said, “I don’t care”.  I was hit from all sides.

“You’re just a racist.”  Being a middle aged, bald, white, male, with a lingering Southern accent, that was expected.  “Are you anti-cop?”  and “You can’t agree with her?” Came next.  See, I’m also a cop in a large city.  My obvious stance is pro-cop and anti-Beyonce.

I started thinking of it as Enough Racism.  I don’t care enough.  I don’t agree with the new extremist view, by what ever imagined oppressed group is protesting.  I’m a racist.  When Black Lives Matter comes up, I say, “…not to most blacks, because most black males are killed by other black males not Police”.  Same Sex marriage?  Who cares?  The only people that it effects are the ones in the relationship.  I must be anti-gay, because I’m not for the cause.  Immigration?  If they come to this country and want to work, let them.  I’m discriminating against illegal aliens, because I don’t think we should pay for them to stay in the country.

I’m labeled a racist because I don’t support the cause enough.  I’m not liberal enough to want separate rules for separate groups, based on arbitrary factors.  I’m a racist because I don’t believe the government should tax the working class to pay for cell phones and cable for families living in government housing so they “don’t feel shame” over their position.

I am hated by people who don’t know me because I’m perceived as part of the privileged.  I fit the stereotype that other try to shove me into.  I don’t matter as much as what others think I am.  If I am not for the cause, I am against it.

I am the New and Hated “Not Enough” Racist!

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