The Shiny Turd

With the Presidential Elections warming up, what else would you expect the first post to be about.  Sadly, our selection process has been reduced to choosing the lesser of evils, not even quality evils.  Gone are the days of Statesmen looking for the greater good of the nation.

On the (arbitrary) Left.  Hillary, who can’t remember which lie she told and when presented proof of malfeasance, guilt and corruption simply ignores it.  Bernie, who thinks that if he taxes the richest 1%, he can pay everyone else enough to lift the nation from poverty and moral corruption.

On the (equally arbitrary) Right.  Trump, who has no position or plan that goes past being elected.  Cruz, who might have a plan but no vision.  Rubio, the little kid on the play ground, trying to kick the bullies in the shin and run away.  Jeb, who looks as dejected as Eli Manning watching his big brother win the Super Bowl, while he is sitting in the stand with Mommy.

In choosing the lesser of evils, we only reinforce the futility of a system that has been corrupted.  We are an electorate that in the main lacks qualification for the job.  To many have no vested interest beyond personal need and desire.  More, vote without thought, research or perspective.  That is the cost of delivering power into the hands of the people without accountability or cost.  There are categories of our nation who should not be allowed to exercise the right and authority of the vote.  Simply, anyone dependent on the Federal Government for their welfare.  I include in this serving soldiers, politicians and anyone else who’s life and sustenance are provided by taxing the people.   There lies the way of Bread and Circus.

This election feel like so many of the past, trying to pick the shiny turd.  We go for the one that will hopefully leave less proof on our hands and stench in the air.  At least the Shiny Turd safer even if it’s not the best option.

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