Talk About Nothing

via Daily Prompt: Final


Nothing is final.  Final is an absolute, a thing complete unto itself.  The problem is we are short sighted and can’t see the end.  The end doesn’t exist.

Let’s take the obvious one; Death.  (insert scary music)  What is it?  How do we define it?  It doesn’t matter.  Death of one organic entity, plant, animal, person, alien or construct is not the end.  At most I rate it as a stage f the sequence for cycling matter and energy.  Mufasa only saw his link in the chain.  We are all recycled again and again.  Reprocessed molecules and modified energy states.

What about our “souls”?  Describe it.  Define it.  If the soul exists and we are all going into the great bye and bye, isn’t that just the next step?  For all we know, the Earth, this great, ever competing, cycling ball of mud is nothing more than a breeding ground for the next great space army in a never ending war.  We just don’t know it yet, but the only cost effective way to grow a soul is organically, in a controlled environment.  Harvest at death.

Next victim.  Math?  Why did we learn one plus one in school?  Is it an end or the means to an end?  New discoveries in science? Physics?  Not final, just steps.  Our star dying and eventually exploding?  The hydrogen furnace is all used up and reducing to be food for black holes that will eventually collide and start a new universe.

Just because the music ends, doesn’t mean you don’t still hear the song.

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