So, Where are all the Centaurs?


I had one of those pseudo-science conversations the other day.  The unnamed source said that there is only a 3 percent variance in the genetic make up of man and  other mammals.  A quick check shows it more in the neighborhood of 20 percent, based on the limited mapping of DNA from other species.  Still, it got me thinking.

If the statement were true, that would create amazing opportunities. We could splice our NDA with others and gain their advantages.  Gorilla strength.  Dog hearing.  Cheetah speed.  The possibilities are staggering.  From there it’s a short step to genetic compatibility research.

It’s probably because I live so close to Pennsyl-tucky.  But, it made me wonder… Where are the centaurs and Satyrs?  I hope I didn’t go to far.

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