I’ve avoided this for the last couple months, Presidential Politics.  It’s like trying to tiptoe through a puppy-poo minefield in conversation.  I can’t help but to stare in disbelief as they parade across the new channels debating and criticizing each other.  Trump by himself is as enthralling as footage of the latest terrorist attack.  It’s sick.  You can’t help looking, a zit on someones nose, in your face talking to you.

If we are to believe the polls and reporters, the nation is doomed.  This morning I heard Sanders paraphrase Obama “If I can’t get the legislation through, I have no problem using Executive Authority…”  What happened to trias politica and the balance of powers?  I may be a dying breed but that seems un-American for a presidential candidate to state that they intend to ignore the Constitution, Legislature, Supreme Court and People if they don’t get their way.

uncle sam

State and individual rights are being stripped for political correctness.  A bar can refuse to serve anyone for any reason, but not a bakery?  If you don’t like the service, go somewhere else.  Are we no longer free to decide for ourselves?  Do we really need safe zones from words?

The age of Nanny Government came creeping up and we didn’t notice.  We were told it is for the greater good, but if you can do basic math, it’s usually for 10 percent or less of the population.  Thirty million people are without health care, force the other ninety percent to pay for it and run up the cost of medical care for everyone! Bail out the Banks and Auto Industry!  They failed at business so the nation is obligated to keep them operating.  The cars and trucks that were symbols of our nations productivity weren’t safe enough, now you don’t have the right to drive without airbags.  The right to try and fail now comes without consequence.

I want it back, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  A nation being raised and taught to stand up and fight for themselves and other.  Let’s not  force our opinion on others if they disagree or force someone else to compromise their beliefs to accept another.  I want a nation that doesn’t try to placate terrorists and criminals.  A government run on principle not polls.  A nation with an identity, where we can say the Pledge of Allegiance but you don’t have to.

When this nation collapses under the weight of trying to be everything to everyone, I hope we at least have enough identity left to rebuild.  The next civil war will make everything that has come before look like a fist fight at a family reunion.  I don’t think we love ourselves or each other enough to show restrain this time.

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