Just to Lazy

A coworker said to me, “Don’t get angry but…” the rest doesn’t matter.  It was that phrase that caught my attention.  Like warning me that something irritating is forthcoming will make me like it more.  The funny thing to me is that I don’t get angry.  I get irritated.   Stupid and lazy really piss me off because I have to deal with them and the lazy idiots that inflict stupid and lazy on me.  I rarely get angry.  It probably says unflattering things about me that I can differentiate between the two.

Anger to me is about an emotional response.  Not normally my problem.  For me to get angry I would have to really care about something enough, to hold on to the hurt long enough to change something fundamental.

           “A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong;

                                  wrath; ire.”  (Dictionary.com)  

   Wrath sounds exhausting.  Ire is a little to petty.  Which ever definition you use, there is a lot of emotion pent up in anger.  Listen to it when you say it out loud.  An -Gerrr!  Anger take energy, I’m to lazy to be angry.  Just thinking about being angry makes me want to take a nap.

This unique quality, or lack there of, has preserved me from some terrible things going on in the world today.  Bigotry and racism are right out.  If you’re stupid enough to hate people because of skin pigment, you have way to much energy.  You really have to hold on to that anger in the face of some serious evidence that you are probably wrong.  Sexism?  I’ll work my butt off for a pretty girl. (note the ironic statement)  Religion?  Sorry, I don’t care enough about the welfare of another person’s immortal soul.  There are whole classes of people, things, ideas or situations that I could be angry over, but I’m not.  The truth is, I’m just to lazy.

The world would e a better place if more people were just a little more lazy.

The Blue Line


Unheard behind the screams of police brutality and Black Live matter are the gunshots fired at Police Officers and silence from the White House as Obama pretends everything is fine.  In spite of more officers being killed by ambush, gunned down on the street while on duty there are cries of abuse of power and idiots trying to record these abuses.  With a snippet from a cellphone recording, Officers are tried in the court of public opinion.

How long until the protectors start pushing back?

In Baltimore, complaints of oppressive policing policies resulted in riots that the Mayor sanctioned and ordered police not to respond.  In the aftermath, the police gave the service that the community demanded and violent crime soared.  The backlash?  Complaints that the police were providing less service to black communities because of racial motivation.

Just in the month of February we have had a run of tragedy in the policing community.  Where is the resulting protest?  What about the condemnation of the acts where the perpetrator states that the act was intended as reprisal against police?

For our Blue Family, we have done what we always do.  We gather in our circles, closing ranks to protect each other as best we can, knowing that we are all vulnerable.  Still, we endure.  Still, we patrol the most violent and dangerous areas of cities like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angles and Philadelphia.  We show restraint more often than not.  For how much longer?

It feel like we are the guard dogs, being teased and beaten.  We try to remain loyal because it’s not everyone who joins in the abuse.  Not everyone joins in the abuse, but almost no one helps protect us either.  We loose a little trust everyday, just a small part withdraws.  We are less likely to take risks for others because everyone is starting to look like our tormentors.  When we do act, we are hounded by people threatening us, our lives and livelihoods.  Why act when it’s easier to just clean up the mess and not take the risk.

There is s Thin Blue Line of man and women sworn to fight to protect others, to risk that other might live better.  On one side are the peaceful citizens in need of protection.  On the other side of the line are the criminals and predators who would attack them.  More people cross the line everyday.  Not because they are preying on the weak and innocent but because they have started attacking the line.  We represent less than 1% of the population and we are under attack.  How much longer before we are reduced to protecting ourselves more than the weak and innocent?